EUA Energy & Environment Platform

SET-Plan cooperation workshop on energy efficiency in industry

30 March 2018

The EUA Energy & Environment Platform, in collaboration with the European Commission, is moderating a session on "knowledge exchange, training and capacity building" at the SET-Plan Cooperation Workshop “Continuing efforts to make EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive” on 27-28 June 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Organised by the European Commission, the workshop objective is to identify specific activities and initiate the building of potential collaborative projects to reach the priorities/targets of the SET-Plan Declaration of Intent in Key Action 6: Energy Efficiency in Industry. For universities, it is an opportunity to present and discuss project ideas with other partners and with National representatives for potential cooperation.

As an outcome of its involvement as an activity leader in the SET-Plan working group on energy efficiency in industry, the EUA Energy & Environment Platform will moderate the session on "knowledge exchange, training and capacity building" which takes place on 28 June 2018 (8:45-10:15).

The European Commission has launched a call for project ideas together with the workshop registration.  Universities are encouraged to sign up for the session moderated by EUA and submit their project ideas until Tuesday, 29 May.

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* More about Key Action 6: Energy Efficiency in Industry