EUA Energy & Environment Platform

Why energy policymaking needs universities

23 February 2018

The EUA Energy and Environment Platform has released a set of suggestions for policymakers on how to harness the role of universities in addressing the energy challenge. The need for clean, sustainable and cheaper energy represents one of Europe’s greatest challenges and universities are uniquely positioned to work with policy-makers and industry to ensure a sustainable energy future.

In its recently launched Action Agenda, the Platform mobilises universities in energy research and education a wide scale. With these recommendations, it calls on policy-makers to recognise and better use the knowledge produced by universities. The Platform calls for more investment in fundamental research, the coupling of social sciences and humanities with science and technology to make innovation flourish, and the necessary conditions that enable university research to keep Europe up to speed with the Internet of Things and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The document also calls on policy-makers to support industry investment in cutting-edge knowledge and technology generated in collaboration with universities. Furthermore, it recommends finding new ways of establishing inter-university cooperation that tackles the energy challenge and it calls for promoting Open Science to accelerate global energy innovation.

Finally, the EUA Energy and Environment Platform suggests that policy-makers keep sustainable energy at the top of the political agenda and adequately reflected in the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.