EUA Energy & Environment Platform

EUA issues Energy Action Agenda for universities

08 February 2018

In the newly-published Action Agenda, EUA calls for the mobilisation of universities that have or are developing energy-related education and training programmes. The need for clean, sustainable and cheaper energy represents one of Europe’s greatest challenges and universities are central in finding solutions.

Produced by the EUA European Platform of Universities in Energy (EUA-EPUE) through the three-year UNI-SET project, the Action Agenda promotes innovative education and research activities in the field and seeks to support the ambitions of many universities across Europe to strengthen their existing initiatives. It lists concrete examples and suggestions for education programmes in the fields of energy systems and smart grids, renewables integration, and energy efficiency. It also presents ideas for interdisciplinary education in energy, as social sciences and humanities are crucial, together with science and technology, in addressing such a complex and multi-layered challenge.

“Providing a reliable supply of clean and affordable energy raises complex social, political, economic and technical issues that must be addressed in unison,” explains Torbjørn Digernes, Chair of EUA-EPUE. “Universities have a critical role to play in making that happen.”

The Action Agenda also calls on policy makers, industry and society to share the responsibility and for close consideration of the link between the Energy Transition and the environment. The Action Agenda will be discussed in detail at the upcoming EUA Energy Clustering Event on 21 and 22 March 2018 at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy, France.